Managed Video Surveillance Intranets

Cyber Security Framework


Organizations must develop and implement the appropriate safeguards to limit or contain the impact of a potential cyber security event.


Organizations must develop an understanding of their environment to manage the cybersecurity risk to systems, assets, data and capabilities.


Organizations must implement the appropriate measures to quickly identify cybersecurity events.


Organizations must develop and implement effective activities to restore any capabilities or services that were impaired due to a cybersecurity event.

Features and Benefits of VMS

Open Ecosystem
Installs on standard commercial off-the-shelf hardware and supports thousands of network devices.

Web-Based Administration
Administration handled via a browser-based client.

Native Analytics
Built-in video analytics. Server and edge-based analytics supported.

Intelligent Search and Investigation
Graphical timeline and intelligent search.

Easy to Use Operator Interfaces
A full-featured Windows®-based client, a HTML5-client web client, a thin client hardware appliance, and mobile apps (iOS and Android).

High-Performance Architecture
Unique architecture simplifies deployment planning, reduces server costs, and is highly scalable.

Does not require dedicated servers for specific functions

Privacy and Cyber Security
Designed from the outset with data privacy and security in mind.

Video Management Systems

We provide you with Video Management Software (VMS) that delivers an all-in-one solution for video, security, and information management.
Our VMS works with cameras from all major manufacturers, scales to deployments of any size, and is easy to use and configure.
It has built-in support for industry-leading video analytics, perimeter intrusion detection sensors, and access control devices.
The solution is a versatile and cost-effective video surveillance platform.

Live Video Monitoring

You need accelerated response times when an event occurs at your facility.
Securicom provides surveillance solutions from industry leading providers of real-time surveillance security for monitoring any location.
You need video security and analytics solutions designed to help you focus on the important events.

Cloud-based Video Surveillance Solution

Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) is a video management software solution run on a cloud computing platform and infrastructure such as Azure or AWS.
VSaaS is for storing and managing video data.
Not for everyone, this fully hosted solution is subscription-based and cost effective.
Great for short term or remote locations.
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